The City of Ottawa is seeking nominations to feature local musicians on services

Ottawa musicians have the opportunity to have their original music featured on services such as the 311 queue with the city’s #ottmusic program.

Applications are currently open for local musicians who wish to have their original music featured on services used in Ottawa.

As part of the #ottmusic initiative, the City of Ottawa recently launched two programs: Music on Hold and City Sounds.

Music on Hold is an opportunity for Ottawa musicians to post their original music on the city’s 311 phone system.

On the other hand, City Sounds is an annual streaming playlist that is featured on the City of Ottawa website.

“It really showcases such a variety of everyone who makes music in Ottawa,” said Karen Balcome, Community Arts Program Coordinator for the City of Ottawa.

balcome said Sam Laprade’s show both programs stem from the Ottawa Music Strategy, which was approved by City Council in 2018.

“It was really created to try to showcase all of the many different musical communities in Ottawa, all of the different kinds of work people are creating,” Balcome said. “We know there are so many music lovers in the city, so there was an opportunity to connect a city service with a showcase opportunity for all of the local musicians creating this work.”

Ottawa musicians have until Tuesday, April 5 at 4 p.m. to apply for the programs. Submitting a song is completely free, but only one submission is allowed per contestant.

To be eligible, a musician must:

  • Live within 150 km of the city of Ottawa
  • Not include profanity, violent or discriminatory language in the submitted song
  • Submit original music belonging to the applicant
  • Being older than 18

In 2022, a committee of musicians and industry professionals will select up to 35 songs for Music on Hold.

Currently, there is already music on both programs featuring the 2021 selections.

The Music on Hold program features several local musicians including jazz guitarist Alex Moxon, singer Almyr Jules and francophone artist Céleste Lévis.

Meanwhile, the City Sounds playlist includes a range of local musicians as it aims to showcase the diversity of Ottawa’s music scene.

Balcome says the #ottmusic initiative has garnered a lot of positive feedback, from people telling loved ones to call 311 to hear their featured music to residents surprised to discover a new local musician they didn’t know they had. never heard of before.

“It’s really any kind of music that’s made in Ottawa,” says Balcome. “Any language, any genre of music. We really try to create a playlist that showcases all of these different musical creations with our selection committee.”

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