The Cat Empire’s Felix Riebl Announces Recital Center Show

The enigmatic former frontman of The Cat Empire, Felix Riebl, will perform his new solo album ‘Everyday Amen’ at the Melbourne Recital Centre.

Riebl has found a resurgence in the spotlight since beloved Melbourne funk icons The Cat Empire announced their disbandment.

He was prolific in the new side project Spinifex Gum, formed with Emma Donovan, and with his booming solo career, thanks to the next album Amen everyday.

What do you want to know

  • Felix Riebl performs his new album everyday amen in full
  • Tuesday, November 29, 2022 7:30 p.m.
  • Elisabeth Murdoch Hall

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The record’s title track dropped last month, with Riebl going deep into the inspiration and process behind the record.

Reflecting on the single, he said, “Sometimes the lyrics of a song just seem to flow, and even if you don’t understand them, intuitively they feel like they hit and resonate musically. It’s a great feeling when that happens, when you’re talking and you don’t feel the need to really understand what you’re saying. This song, which became the title track, introduces everything the album is about. I wanted it to feel like an opening to something big and subtle, introspective and extroverted. I wanted to overturn everyday life. The question, what is an ‘Everyday Amen?’ inspired all the visuals around the album…it’s that special feeling of seeing your familiar world in an unfamiliar way. It can be full of grace or just plain ridiculous.

Standing on 11 tracks, each song details the wonders and darknesses of life with joy and exuberance. The album comes at the right time because it brings a new world to life. Surrounding himself with a team of musicians, with engineer Andy Baldwin (producer/engineer) and Ross Irwin (co-producer/arranger), the recording process itself was apparently very smooth and took only two weeks. to master.

“Registration everyday amen was one of the smoothest and most exciting experiences of my musical life,” he continued. “There’s a huge dynamic range in the songs, from the orchestral to the explosive rhythm, to the subtle and intimate. From this place, the music seems to celebrate the outward-looking international journey I have been on, as well as the inner, daily domestic life I lead, both in search of something sublime.

Tickets and more information here.

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