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The buff guys showed the changes in their physique after running for 30 days in a row in preparation for a 10 km race.

Fitness challenges are trending all over the world as more influencers look for unique ways to stand out. Fitness sensation brothers Brandon and Hudson White The Buff Dudes aren’t one to shy away from a new challenge. They gained a reputation for trying out new theories. They went vegan for 30 days in the past to test if the diet was effective for bodybuilders.

It’s interesting to hear about their findings as they explore the questions many people may have. Apparently, the vegan diet didn’t have a significant effect on their gym performance, but it didn’t boost them either. The Whites spent a month preparing for a 10k race and documented the changes in their physique as a result of the new workouts. Brandon and Hudson reported that they took extra care to stretch during the grueling 30 days. They also had to make sure they were getting enough nutrients for optimal muscle recovery. It didn’t come without difficulties, as Hudson explained.

The Buff Dudes Run For 30 Days Straight – You Won’t Believe What’s Happening

In a video uploaded to their YouTube channel, the White brothers share their results after run every day for a month.

“I’m used to the gym where you do eight reps of the deadlift and then you get a nice healthy break before continuing on to the next set. With this there is no pause and it can be so psychological because I want to stop by the end of that first half mile and I always know I have a long way to go.

Many bodybuilders generally dislike cardio as a training method and aren’t the most skilled at it. The brothers always paid enough attention to their cardiovascular health and were ready to take their new experience to the next level.

What is more surprising is that the two have not changed their daily training at the gym while running every day. They revealed that they added a run on top of their regular training routines for a month. This caused an extra load on their lower bodies and the pair felt the burn of going the extra mile.

“My legs are killing me on these races. The good thing is that my cardiovascular strength is there. I feel very strong there but I train quite regularly and the practices are intense. I definitely feel the fatigue in my muscles,” says Brandon White.

You might be curious about the results of their findings after running for 30 days straight.

“It was humbling. Great fun though and it just makes you want to get better,” Hudson White said.

The Buff Dudes reported that they each lost a pound by the end of the month. Although they are leaner, they did not lose any gains during training. They dismissed the myth that scares bodybuilders, proving that cardio doesn’t weigh heavily on muscle mass and that incorporating it into your daily workouts would be a beneficial thing.

Watch the full video below:

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