The best coffee in Canberra: City and Inner North

It’s a loaded question. Where is the best coffee in Canberra?

That may depend on how you prefer your coffee. I like a soy flat white with an extra shot, preferably in a quiet, dark, traditional and intimate space. But that’s just me.

Regardless of personal taste, Canberra’s excellent cafe industry has options for everyone. Here you will find the best coffee in Canberra, the city and Inner-North.


Intra Specialty Coffee. I love this place. It’s small, it’s dark, it’s cute, it has great music and the coffee is creamy and delicious.

Intra coffee: photo: Kerrie Brewer.

It has only one review on Trip Advisor but it was a perfect score. This little coffee shop that could rank highly in Google reviews: 4.5 out of 124 reviews.

Ruby Becker: “My new destination. Great coffee (Barrio). Don’t expect your breakfast standards – the food is different to anywhere else in Canberra but you can still get some basic options which for me the granola is perfect. Relaxed atmosphere and good people. 🤩

Note: Not great for large or loud groups.


coffee lab at the Canberra Center has Trip Advisor’s highest vote. Rather than insider information, Trip Advisor reviews usually come from travelers. This means they are less likely to be biased and reviewers may have been drinking coffee in many parts of the world.

Coffee Lab: Facebook.

Out of 198 Trip Advisor reviews, Coffee Lab has an impressive 4.5 rating.

The last one is from JohnC200. “Great guys menu and probably the best coffee I’ve had in Canberra. Service is a bit hit and miss, but food and coffee are great.”

Google reviews back this up with a rating of 4.3/5 out of 641 reviews.

The Cupping Room is a personal favorite city option of mine, although I haven’t been everywhere. It’s always busy, but if you have to wait, it’s worth it.

I like the side window takeout option. It makes waiting super chill, and in the winter it literally gets.

It is Trip Advisor’s #3 Cafe in Canberra and has 4.5/5 from a whopping 849 reviews.

The Cupping Room: Photo Facebook

As of 1797 Google reviews, it also achieves 4.5. The number of reviews gives you an idea of ​​how busy it is here.

Google reviewer fabmoonsun agree with me: “The coffee is great, let’s get that out of the way. If there’s one thing that makes this place stand out, it’s consistency. The food and service is always great. And that’s why I keep coming back. Recommendation: the avo. The vegan option is also good. The only downside is the relatively higher prices compared to other good cafes in Canberra.”


We’re talking coffee, so we might as well live with Braddon’s soul mate Melbourne and be a little picky.

Barrio Collective Coffee is recommended by the CW staff, Google users and Trip Advisor reviewers, with a strong 4.5 average across all platforms.

“My wife and I haven’t been to Barrio in at least 2 years. This morning was a welcome return. The food was great, and the coffee was excellent. It can get very crowded and it is a small space. However, in our opinion it is one of Braddon’s best.”


Main road: Facebook

motorway is the choice of the multitude of options in Dickson.

4.5 on Google, 4.0 on Trip Advisor.

Local guide Jarrod Holst says: “The service is super nice and the coffee is great on the plus side. The food is decent but the portions feel a bit small. The big downside though is the acoustics, between all the hard surfaces and the background music it can be hard to hear people you’re sitting with, detracting from the experience. Outdoor tables are better, but there are only a few.”


If you are in Turner, Clay is a great option, is part of the Redbrick family and is highly rated on Google with a 4.7.

Local guide Charlene Kim says: “Small but nice coffee and quick bites. Good for a quick and easy hangout with friends or family. Staff are all friendly :)”


Pop up coffee shop in Canberra with organic food and locally produced coffee, Sly Fox has a permanent place in O’Connor and a strong reputation, with 4.6 out of 5 Google users and a community garden day.

Local guide Steffany Harris says: Great coffee, really nice vibe/atmosphere and the pancake are super tasty. Highly recommend checking out this place! Plus pudding, the pug is cute.”


Breizh Cafe in the Ainslie Shops feels very Moulin Rouge, with cute lighting and trinkets.

The French style cafe with a rating of 4.6 has a string of strong recent reviews on Google.

Queyn Lisl says it is an absolute gem. “They were so welcoming to us. Booking and logging in was a breeze. Service was top notch; friendly, efficient and no fuss! Everyone was happy, even the people from out of Melbourne city who know their French cuisine! There is a reason this cafe is so popular. We will quickly become regular customers!”

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the very beautiful one Moan & green grout in New Acton has a good reputation and a rating of 4.3 on Google out of 584 reviews.

Supplied: Facebook.

“Very busy cafe, queue early on Sunday morning! Although quick service and we didn’t have to wait long. Good selection of healthy items on the menu. …”


the Knox is recommended for families, although the recent Trip Advisor reviews are a bit disappointing.

The Knox: facebook

It is #8 in Canberra for quick bites on Trip Advisor and has 4.3 out of 805 Google reviews.

“Relaxed family-friendly atmosphere, tasty food and great service.”

Did I miss your favorite place to get the best coffee in Canberra? Feel free to comment and tell me about your secret happy coffee spot.

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