That time Andy Warhol was taking a cruise on ‘The Love Boat’ (1985)

When pop culture collides with pop art at sea! In an episode of season nine of the love boat, Andy Warhol plays himself (stiff and clumsy) essentially walking the ship with his entourage clipping candids from passengers. The drama kicks in when a now cornered married woman (played by Marion Ross, aka “Mrs. C” on Happy Days) tries to avoid him on board so she won’t be recognized for her starring role in one of his experimental films. Of course, she is recognized and has to explain herself to her husband (played by Tom Bosley). It’s as weird as you can imagine. This video has been edited to show the Warhol/Ross drama only, clocking in at just over 13 minutes.

A YouTube commentator had this to say about Warhol’s experience aboard the “Pacific Princess”:

I recently read the “Andy Warhol Diaries” where he talks about filming this. He was excited to do it (well, as excited as he ever was), but because he was actually extremely shy, he was very stressed and not confident in his own ability to pull it off. He loved Marion Ross and credited her with (figuratively) holding his hand and helping him get through it. He didn’t mention Bosley, but he couldn’t have praised Ross more.

via Nag on the Lake

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screenshots via Rick Nelson/YT

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