Tempo training for strength and hypertrophy

I learned this method from strength trainer Mladen Jovanovic. To do this, simply add an isometric hold at the start and end of the set:

  1. Hold the first rep isometrically for a few seconds.
  2. Do your reps.
  3. Hold the last rep isometrically for a few seconds.

Repetitions are “sandwiched” between takes. This forces you to perform the exercise with intention and technical skill. It also gives you more time in specific joint positions to help build strength and size.

Perform each hold for 3-5 seconds. For reps, anything between 5 and 12 works great.

This tempo method works great with big compound exercises like presses, pull-ups, and unilateral lower body work. Just add it to some of the main exercises you already do.

Coach Jovanovic recommends using this method when you’re stressed, coming back from a period without training, or looking for a new challenge.

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