Teenager hospitalized after being injured in wildfire involving paint can

A teenager has been hospitalized after being injured in a fire in a wooded area of ​​Bolton. The Angelbank fire in Horwich is believed to have involved a paint can, a fire service spokesman said.

One injured person has been taken to hospital following tonight’s incident. It is understood that the injured person is a teenager.

It is also understood the boy fled the wooded area in pain and went to a nearby house for help. Neighbors said they saw a large presence of emergency services, including firefighters, paramedics and police.

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A bystander claimed the boy entered a nearby house to take a shower. Emergency services were first called to the scene at 5:30 p.m.

A GMFRS spokesperson said: ‘At approximately 5.30pm on Monday 2nd May the fire service was called to an incident on Angelbank, Horwich, Bolton. Two fire engines from Bolton Fire Station quickly drove to the premises.

“The fire is believed to have involved a paint can in a wooded area. One victim was taken to hospital in an ambulance by NWAS.

“Firefighters are working to secure the scene and are staying on site at this time.”

A street resident told MEN: “About an hour ago there were a lot of emergency services, two fire engines, a few police vans, a few ambulances.

“It’s a really quiet street where nothing really happens, so it was quite out of the blue.

“The word between the neighbors is that it’s something to do with the fire.

“At the end of the street there is a small wooded area where it looks like it happened. There are a lot of kids still hanging around here, just wandering around.

“It looks like they were playing in the woods. There was an air ambulance helicopter circling around for a good 20 minutes and then it decided to leave.”

Greater Manchester Police have been contacted for comment.

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