Plant-based “meat” protein may be less well absorbed by the body than chicken breast protein

The proteins found in meat alternatives made from wheat and soy may be less well absorbed from the small intestine into the bloodstream than protein from chicken breasts. Health June 22, 2022 By Carissa Wong In a lab experiment, protein from a meat substitute (left) was not absorbed by intestinal cells, nor was protein from … Read more

Study Reveals Diet That Could Burn 13 Pounds in Four Months, and It’s Not Intermittent Fasting

In order to improve the quality of health, it is imperative to improve the quality of the foods one eats – this means abstaining from animal products and eating plant-based foods such as cereals, beans, fruits and vegetables. Photo: iStock HIGHLIGHTS In a study by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine published in the Journal … Read more

Can non-dairy milks help you lose weight? We asked dietitians

Whether your favorite is oat, almond, coconut, hemp or soy, non-dairy milks are ubiquitous and are becoming all the more accessible in cafes, grocery stores and elsewhere. With many shifting to plant-based or vegan diets, we consulted health experts to learn more about the potential benefits (and even some downsides) of non-dairy milks for weight … Read more

6 reasons doctors prescribe plant-based diets, from weight loss to lowering blood pressure

herbal diets can help treat a variety of health questions, according to a new expert commentary. Eating more plants and fewer animal products can help manage weight and blood sugar. herbal diet may help improve health by managing weight and preventing disease, and doctors should take note, according to a commentary published May 26 in … Read more

The Big ‘Con’ Vegan Diet

However, meat, the kind of high wellness that Buxton would like to see us all eat, is expensive. “It’s because our food system is skewed. If I were designing policies to make it affordable to eat right, I would be taxing processed foods, empty carbs, and junk and subsidizing regeneratively farmed eggs and meat. , … Read more

Your “healthy” diet might be lacking in nutrients. Here’s how to fix it, according to science

Vegan and vegetarian diets are certainly trending, with more people than ever before. While some people choose to opt for plant-based diets for environmental reasons, others adopt these diets because of their health benefits. This is not surprising, given that studies have linked vegetarian and vegan diets to lower body mass index (BMI) and a … Read more

Tia Blanco is more than a competitive surfer

“I love Bob Ross” said Tia Blanco laughing. “He’s so good.” RAEN’s Tia Blanco walks us through her makeshift art studio at her home in Oceanside, California. She has produced an impressive stock of completed canvases over the past few months. Its most recent addition is an alley of purple trees. It looks like a … Read more

Around 100,000 people benefit from a vegan diet in Turkey

Gamze Sener – ISTANBUL The shift towards a vegan lifestyle has recently intensified in Turkey and around the world, with some 80 million people worldwide and more than 100,000 in Turkey enjoying a vegan diet, experts said. class=”cf”> Many food companies across the country have recognized the increased demand and have started producing 100% plant-based … Read more

Vegan diets may boost weight loss and help manage blood sugar after 12 weeks, research shows

There is even more evidence that a vegan diet can help weightlossblood sugar and cholesterol. Eating vegan helped participants diet trials lose weight in 12 weeks, research shows. Trying a vegan diet for a few months can lead to significant weight loss and improvements in blood sugar control, suggests new research presented at the European … Read more

London Burger King is trying a meatless menu for a month

May 4, 2022 – Burger King has gone meatless for a month at its flagship storefront in London’s Leicester Square, apparently to check the public’s appetite for meatless fast food. The restaurant tried the experiment from March 14 to April 10. An unnamed British Burger King spokesperson called the experiment a success, with queues around … Read more