‘Danger!’ messed up again – and the fans are mad as hell

The most pretentious game show has gone off the rails again. Hawk-Eyed “Jeopardy”! viewers spotted another mistake, this time in a Final Jeopardy! index Wednesday. The category was 19th Century Literature, with the clue: “This author first thought of a parrot before choosing another bird ‘equally able to speak.’” Ben Collins of NBC News tweeted … Read more

‘I’m a Champions League player’: Darts superstar Michael van Gerwen bluntly mocks Manchester United

‘I’m a Champions League player, I don’t pick up’: Darts superstar Michael van Gerwen bluntly mocks Manchester United on Twitter after bookies joked he was among Manchester United’s transfer targets Summer by Erik ten Hag Darts legend Michael van Gerwen has mocked Man United on social media Bookmakers jokingly listed the darts player as a … Read more

University of Wollongong Solstice Bench art installation

Why this baffling Australian university bench blocked Twitter – because its shadow doesn’t match its shape A Solstice Bench changes shade twice a year at the University of Wollongong The “magic” bench usually shows semicircular cutouts of the rungs in its shadow Twice a year on the summer and winter solstices, the rung shadows appear … Read more

Ari Lennox Explains Sophomore Album Release Delay

Fans are ready for more from Ari and the singer gave an update on her long-awaited album. Dreamville’s beloved songbird Ari Lennox’ single “Pressure” is still an R&B jam his fans keep streaming, but truth be told, the world is waiting for more music. It was 2019 when Lennox delivered it to applause Shea Butter … Read more

Travelers slam ‘shameful’ taxi fares as demand surges amid rail strikes

J travelers have criticized the “shameful” increase in taxi fares as demand surges during nationwide rail strikes. Millions of people are suffering from disruption due to rail strikes with 80% of trains canceled and increasing road congestion. London Underground workers are also on strike on Tuesday. Those who are forced to travel have to contend … Read more

Elon Musk’s child reportedly asked to change his name: reports

One of Elon Musk’s children has requested a name change to distance himself from his father, according to reports. A screenshot shared on Twitter by @KnowNothingTV shows legal documents filed in Los Angeles County for a name change request. TMZ reported that the legal documents, which also acknowledge a gender reassignment and the issuance of … Read more

Why Twitter can be a perfect portfolio for artists

Chelsea Faust, a pixel artist based in the American Midwest, noticed that Twitter works better as a community-building tool compared to Instagram, which at first glance may seem like a more appropriate medium for sharing art. Twitter “rewards interactions,” she says. “I use Instagram mainly for a gallery, as most interactions there are superficial due … Read more

Taxi operators expect ‘significant’ increase in demand during rail strikes

J Taxi operators say they expect a “significant” increase in demand during the rail strikes. Thousands of members of Network Rail’s rail, maritime and transport union and 13 train operators will walk out on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in the biggest industrial action demonstration on the railways in a generation. Services across the UK will … Read more

Beyonce announces she will be releasing new single Break My Soul tonight at midnight

Beyonce has announced the upcoming release of a brand new single. The singer, 40, will release Break My Soul tonight at midnight ET. Beyonce posted news of the upcoming release on her Instagram and Twitter bios, shortly after revealing that she would be releasing her next album, Renaissance, on July 29. Coming soon: Beyonce has … Read more

Latto brags about her man and hints that she will soon have a baby

Latto took to Twitter to say how much she misses her mystery man and wants to have her baby. Latto is one of the hottest female rappers in the game right now. With her bass beats and clever puns, the 23-year-old is dominating the music scene one day at a time – and apparently she’s … Read more