Autumn House: Carlton North pad sets new standards at Houses Awards 2022

A Carlton North home was swept up in a top design and architecture award, which also honored a quirky Coburg pad with cutting-edge perks for parents and kids. Autumn House by Studio Bright won an unprecedented four categories at last night’s Houses Awards, including the Australian main title of House of the Year. The Hutt … Read more

Why Selling Our Toronto Home Without a Mortgage Didn’t Work

Real estate is emotional. Why? Because a house is more than walls and a roof, it is a container for our lives, our families, our communities. As part of an occasional series, we asked local writers to share their stories about real estate and housing. It was the spring of 2021 and homes in our … Read more

Namarong: Bold renovation helps elevate Armadale’s price record

A historic Armadale mansion bought and sold by notable Melburnians has set a new price record for the leafy southeastern suburb. A historic Armadale mansion bought and sold by notable Melburnians has set a new price record for the leafy southeastern suburb. Namarong, at 52 Hampden Rd, fetched an undisclosed sum beyond its price guide … Read more

Horse-drawn carriages banned in the CBD

Horse-drawn carriage operators say the decision to ban their services in the CBD will destroy their livelihoods, arguing that their practice is safe and that the welfare of the horses is “very important to us”. But the ban has been widely welcomed by animal and transport rights campaigners, with the roads minister saying the decision … Read more

The Council’s commitment to ‘energizing’ Melbourne’s creative industries

As footfall in the city increases, the City of Melbourne is turning its attention to the creative industry and looking at ways to support local artists in the recently released 2022-23 draft budget. Released May 17, the council will see $8.7 million invested to support local artists, creative spaces and major events. “We energize our … Read more

Exhibition explores art in everyday Melbourne

In the bustling crowds of Melbourne’s CBD, forgotten shopping lists stick to the soles of shoes, while discarded cardboard boxes are tossed in the trash. Not far from a parking inspector taking a mint from his pocket is a man adjusting his hair for a photo, while someone else engraves his initials in wet cement. … Read more

The Regent Theater gets its own ‘glass slipper moment’

The magic of theater has been lacking in recent years, and for many performers like Melburnian Josh Gardiner, the impact has been felt. But thanks to venues like the Regent Theatre, good nights out at the theater are already on the rise and many performers have the opportunity to finally be back in front of … Read more

Shedding Light on the Moving Image

Light. It’s a phenomenon that has mystified humanity for millennia. The challenge of quarreling and manipulating light has long fueled the machinations of artists and scientists. In an Australian exclusive, the Australian Center for the Moving Image (ACMI) will examine the relationship between light and art in a major exhibition of over 70 works from … Read more

Community mourns tragic death of cyclist

A cyclist died in the CBD after being hit by a truck in May, devastating the community. Police said a truck and a cyclist collided at the intersection of La Trobe and King streets around 5:10 p.m. on May 17. The cyclist died instantly. The driver of the truck stopped at the scene and has … Read more