Plant-based “meat” protein may be less well absorbed by the body than chicken breast protein

The proteins found in meat alternatives made from wheat and soy may be less well absorbed from the small intestine into the bloodstream than protein from chicken breasts. Health June 22, 2022 By Carissa Wong In a lab experiment, protein from a meat substitute (left) was not absorbed by intestinal cells, nor was protein from … Read more

5 easy ways to eat more plants and less meat

Refresh your bean repertoireChickpeas are great in hummus and black beans make a great soup, but heirloom beans, such as Speckled Scarlet Runner Beans and Purple Ayocote Morado Beans, add different flavors, textures, and colors to your meals. “Ancient beans sound fancy, but they can be an economical choice over most animal-based proteins,” says Newgent. … Read more

Scientists call for revised nutritional guidelines, increasing plant-based options for the planet

June 15, 2022 — National dietary recommendations for animal products should be revised if circular food production systems are considered to include environmental sustainability criteria, a new study has found. “The amount of animal products recommended by national nutritional guidelines in Europe could be significantly reduced in favor of a more plant-based … Read more

6 reasons doctors prescribe plant-based diets, from weight loss to lowering blood pressure

herbal diets can help treat a variety of health questions, according to a new expert commentary. Eating more plants and fewer animal products can help manage weight and blood sugar. herbal diet may help improve health by managing weight and preventing disease, and doctors should take note, according to a commentary published May 26 in … Read more

Your “healthy” diet might be lacking in nutrients. Here’s how to fix it, according to science

Vegan and vegetarian diets are certainly trending, with more people than ever before. While some people choose to opt for plant-based diets for environmental reasons, others adopt these diets because of their health benefits. This is not surprising, given that studies have linked vegetarian and vegan diets to lower body mass index (BMI) and a … Read more

Scientists extract toxin-free Rubisco protein from tomato leaves

The process was developed by a WUR scientist and is similar to Rubisco’s extraction methods from other crop residue side streams. It was based on a method of extracting Rubisco from sugar beet leaves, which the researchers used as a starting point to see if they could remove the toxin hydroxytomatin from tomato leaves as … Read more

Scientists use CRISPR to seriously boost vitamin D levels in tomatoes

By making some genetic tweaks using CRISPR technology, scientists engineered a special sun-dried tomato packed in the leaves with vitamin D. The flesh and skin of the fruit have been genetically modified to contain the same levels of vitamin D as two eggs or 28 grams of tuna, which are currently recommended sources of the … Read more

Tia Blanco is more than a competitive surfer

“I love Bob Ross” said Tia Blanco laughing. “He’s so good.” RAEN’s Tia Blanco walks us through her makeshift art studio at her home in Oceanside, California. She has produced an impressive stock of completed canvases over the past few months. Its most recent addition is an alley of purple trees. It looks like a … Read more

Protein is an essential macronutrient, especially as we age

The headlines behind the body’s need for macronutrients (also known as “macros”), which make up carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, have been glorified or demonized over the years. In the 1990s, fat was thought to be the undisputed culprit of heart disease, and by the advent of the 2000s, the Atkins diet and the South Beach … Read more

Study: Eating Vegan for 12 Weeks May Help Lose Weight | Health

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