‘Be More For 24’ campaign raises money for mental health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and a Western New York PE teacher is challenging the community to burn calories, walk miles and raise money to help those struggling with mental illness. It’s called “Be More for 24”. Those interested are invited to run 24 miles in 24 hours. Only one mile can be traveled … Read more

A Nutritionist and Harvard Brain Expert Avoids These 5 Foods That Make You “Tired and Stressed”

While many conscientious eaters constantly think about the food we eat – how it will affect our hearts, the environment and most importantly, our waistlines – we rarely think about its impact on our brains, moods and energy levels. . But the gut and the brain are in constant two-way communication, and the health of … Read more

Eat green garlic everyday, stay healthy from heart to stomach.

Consuming garlic is very beneficial for health. Along with this, if used daily, there are health benefits. In fact, garlic is considered a panacea for many illnesses. Let us tell you that garlic is also very healthy for the stomach and like garlic, green garlic or green garlic leaves are also considered healthy for health. … Read more

Health benefits of ‘real tea’ support including drink in dietary guidelines, researchers say

“Over the last 10, if not 15 years, the evidence has built up to the point where I think we have what I would say is very clear data that supports tea drinking,”Beyond the current recommendations of current dietary guidelines for Americans, said Mario Ferruzzi of the Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center University of Arkansas for … Read more

This is how Merlin de Pala lost 10 kilos in two months

When Merlin swore to reduce her weight and belly fat, her husband dismissed it as another broken promise. However, he was surprised when Merlin hit a healthy weight in just two months. Merlin, who lives in Washington DC, reminisces about his weight loss journey and shares his unique workout regimen and diet. Originally from Pala … Read more

Bay Area health workers recommend masking indoors; the region has the highest infection rate in California

Bay Area health workers recommend masking indoors; the region has the highest infection rate in California On Friday, twelve Bay Area health workers recommended that people wear masks indoors amid a new surge of COVID cases and hospitalizations. The Bay Area now has the highest COVID infection rates in California, fueled by omicron subvariants, according … Read more

Guide to eating well: Is intermittent fasting safe for people with diabetes?

Fasting is popular around the world; many religions practice it occasionally. Lately, a form of fasting, known as intermittent fasting (IF), has received a lot of attention as an effective way to lose weight. IF is constantly promoted by celebrities, fitness enthusiasts, and influencers who claim it’s a quick way to lose weight. Scientific evidence … Read more

Arizona governor hopes Lake seeks expanded school choice | Health and fitness

PHOENIX (AP) — Kari Lake, a former television anchor leading the GOP field in the campaign for governor of Arizona, called Thursday for higher teacher salaries and an expansion of teacher choice options. school for parents. Lake also called for bans on mask mandates, COVID-19 vaccine requirements, and teaching critical race theory, though the GOP-controlled … Read more

Half a cup of blueberries a day could prevent dementia in the elderly, study finds

Eating half a cup of blueberries every day in your late 50s may stave off dementia later in life, study finds Eating just half a cup of blueberries every day in their 50s can help them stave off devastating cognitive decline later in life, new research suggests Researchers found that people in their 50s who … Read more