The best proteins for weight loss improve metabolism and digestion, curb hunger

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Plant-based “meat” protein may be less well absorbed by the body than chicken breast protein

The proteins found in meat alternatives made from wheat and soy may be less well absorbed from the small intestine into the bloodstream than protein from chicken breasts. Health June 22, 2022 By Carissa Wong In a lab experiment, protein from a meat substitute (left) was not absorbed by intestinal cells, nor was protein from … Read more

It’s the best vegetable to put in your green juice for weight loss – it boosts your digestion!

If you are looking for a drink that will help boost your weight loss efforts, green juice would be an option you might consider. According to Sporting Smiles contributor and registered dietitian and nutritionist Katie Tomaschko, MS, RDN, “Green juice is a great way to get your vitamins and minerals through fruits and vegetables. They … Read more

Morning rituals that induce weight loss, improve skin quality and digestion

According to holistic health experts, starting the day with a glass of warm water can aid digestion and improve skin quality. Photo: iStock HIGHLIGHTS Doctors and fitness experts recommend going for a walk every morning for people of all ages. You can also consider jogging or running to start your day healthier. Try listening to … Read more

Healthy and Comforting Indian Dishes You Can Eat Guilt-Free

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Can drinking cold water help you in weight loss and digestion? know here

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Fennel seeds: Heart health to weight loss; amazing benefits of saunf | Health

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Ayurveda tips: Avoid making these mistakes while eating curd | Health

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Why Panipuris can be part of your weight loss diet

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