Scarborough-Guildwood County Paul Ainslie and area Catholic administrators face no adversary

Has any part of Scarborough given up on change when it comes to its municipal government? Don’t its inhabitants want to contest their seats in the Catholic school boards? Citizens of the former borough who are still trying to launch a political career at Toronto City Hall or as a school trustee must act quickly … Read more

Guide to municipal elections: Here’s everything you need to know about voting in Toronto

Toronto residents, along with Ontarians, will go to the polls this fall to decide who will represent them at the Toronto City Council table and at the local school board level. The 2022 municipal and school elections will take place on Monday, October 24. We’ve put together this comprehensive guide that highlights key dates and … Read more

Jennifer French holds Oshawa for the NDP amid a sea of ​​Tory blue

In one of Durham Region’s most contested ridings, voters in Oshawa chose to return incumbent Jennifer French to Queen’s Park. Throughout the provincial election, the race between the French NPD and the new Progressive Conservative candidate Alex Down had been too tight to be announced. After the polls closed, French had obtained 42.1% of the … Read more