the goop of the art world

Is Marina Abramović the Goop of the art world? For the uninitiated, Goop is the premium wellness brand of Gwyneth Paltrow, a purveyor of personal care products like vagina scented candles and jade “yoni” eggs. The “Abramović Method”, by comparison, is the Belgrade-born conceptual artist’s process of emotional and spiritual transformation, based on 50 years … Read more

This 10-year-old autistic artist is a rising NFT star

The works of a 10-year-old boy with autism are featured alongside those of pioneering crypto artists from the Philippines and Singapore in a crypto art exhibition taking place this month. Sevi Agregado is the only child on the roster of artists which includes illustrator and crypto entrepreneur Luis Buenaventura, photographer, singer and visual artist Raymond … Read more

Toronto restaurant and bar in a cursed place in Toronto has closed permanently

A Toronto restaurant and bar that served pub food and Cajun fusion fare has now closed for good. FAM Food Art Music Restaurant + Bar announced last week that it had closed after serving customers in Queen and Bathurst since 2020. The restaurant offered an extensive menu of items such as Cajun Fried Shrimp, Chicken … Read more

A vibrant celebration of Iranian female rebels – in pictures | Art and design

In her Rebel Rebel series of paintings, Cambridge-based artist Soheila Sokhanvari celebrates 27 feminist icons from pre-revolutionary Iran, many of whom were forced into exile. Among them are intellectual and writer Simin Dāneshvar, poet Forough Farrokhzad and actor Nosrat Partovi. Each portrait is painted in egg tempera on calfskin vellum. “These women were erased from … Read more

Controversy erupts over plan to place Mobi Bikes station ahead of $1.4m Wheel of Everyday Life art project

Swedish artist Gunilla Klingberg has earned worldwide respect for her large-scale public commissions that often juxtapose consumerism with spirituality. She often does this with circular patterns resembling mandalas, which represent the cycles of life, death and rebirth. Now the City of Vancouver and US-based CycleHop want to place a 15-meter Mobi Bikes stand in front … Read more

The photographic research of the True West

When I was a teenager, I often cycled from the suburbs where I lived to downtown Denver. I was looking for the true West, or at least a truer West than my neighborhood. I took pictures with my Kodak Instamatic, which were mostly terrible. But after visiting the large and masterful exhibition “American Silence: The … Read more

Vancouver International Flamenco Festival: choreographer Kara Miranda kisses in Sombras/Shadows

Victoria-born flamenco dancer and choreographer Kara Miranda’s latest project was initially inspired by the visual aspect of shadows. But as Miranda delved into this subject, she became fascinated by the work of Carl Jung, a pioneer in deep psychology and dream analysis who died in 1961. In particular, she was drawn to the concept of … Read more

CatCon Reveals New Art Exhibit Dedicated to “National Treasure” Nicolas Cage

A cat-centric art exhibit is “feline” like celebrating Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage through an upcoming exhibit. CatCon, an event that describes itself as the “world’s largest event dedicated to feline and pop culture,” will pay tribute to Cage with its exhibition “Uncaged: The Unbearable Weight of Genius Cat Art” in Pasadena, Calif. , next month. … Read more