Sydney council fights skyscraper project

A long waterfront park next to the promenade was also too narrow, according to the review, and should be replaced with an oval-shaped park jutting out into the bay, which would provide better space and sunlight. for trees and grass.

The council suggested fewer lower towers. He recommended having around three towers – mostly commercial – at the southern end of the site, rather than stretching the length of the site with large apartment buildings near the western distributor. He also suggested changing the grid-like street pattern to a curved layout to avoid wind tunnels.

The government is pushing ahead with its $750million plan to relocate the Sydney Fish Market to Blackwattle Bay.Credit:Peter Rae

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said in an email to community groups in March that the council hoped to use its response to the proposal and feedback from residents to ‘persuade’ the government to improve the scheme.

Balmain Greens MP Jamie Parker said the council was “trying to put a bandage on a gaping wound”.

“They’ve been lumped in with jaw-dropping overdevelopment and are now trying to show the government how it can be done in a less destructive way.”

A spokeswoman for Infrastructure NSW said staff had been made aware of the council’s design review and would be considered along with any other submissions made on the enclosure study.


She said her response to submissions on the proposal would consider revised building heights and density, in addition to improvements to the amenity of the public realm and the waterfront promenade. The agency was using the pledge community and 200 engineering survey requirements to finalize site plans.

“Blackwattle Bay presents a unique opportunity to create a stunning new waterfront destination in Sydney with a wide and accessible foreshore promenade, new waterfront open spaces, cafes, restaurants, homes and hangouts. work, right on the doorstep of Sydney’s new fish market,” the spokeswoman said.

Parker said residents want governments to take “a visionary approach to iconic foreshore sites”, rather than “pumping up another forest of residential towers that don’t speak to the landscape or our city’s needs”.

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