Supermarket supply chain issues, purchasing limits, updates from Coles, Woolworths Aldi

Coles has adjusted his buying limits for: customers, as supermarkets in Australia continue to battle the supply chain impact of: COVID-19.

“In recent months, the global and domestic disruption caused by the pandemic has presented us with a number of supply chain challenges, including shortages of wooden pallets and transport personnel and delays in international shipping,” CEO Steven Cain said in a statement. message to customers.

“More recently, an increase in the number of COVID cases in the community has led to more people having to isolate, meaning fewer people are available to work in Australia, including in the food industry.”

Supermarkets are facing supply chain-induced shortages. (Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

This, he said, had led to delayed deliveries and some shortages in the stores.

Coles introduced buying limits for a number of products this week.

Customers are now limited to two packs per customer of chicken breast and chicken thighs – or six pieces from the deli.

Two-pack limits also apply to ground beef and sausage.

Because rapid antigen testing is in demand across the country, Coles shoppers are also limited to just one per customer.

RATs are also not currently available to online shoppers.

Yesterday, Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci outlined the impact the spread of Omicron had had across the supply chain.

“Unlike the strong sourcing of early 2020 (who could forget the toilet paper), this is due to the number of people in our supply chain individually – from suppliers to truck drivers and distribution center team members – which in turn causes material delays to make deliveries. beat,” said Mr Banducci.

“To give you an idea of ​​the magnitude of the challenge, we are experiencing a COVID-19-induced absence of more than 20 percent in our distribution centers and more than 10 percent in our stores.”

A sign on the display alerts the public to the requirements of face masks.

How Australia faced the rise of the Omicron variant

New South Wales is currently the most affected state, but Mr Banducci said there were impacts across the country – and it was not clear how quickly the system would recover.

The third major chain in Australia, Aldi, like Woolworths, has no purchasing limits.

“While the ongoing COVID-19 situation has put additional pressure on our operations, ALDI continues to do its best to minimize disruption to our customers,” a spokesperson told yesterday.

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