Street Art Alive at The Magic Box – NBC Los Angeles

Living street art: A vibrant 360 degree journey around the planet that features an array of stunning “interactive installations” in a vast space at The Lume? It’s a joyous getaway for mind and soul, traversing “the streets and alleys of more than 20 iconic cities”. Several sections of the Berlin Wall are also part of the experience, as well as a soundtrack that moves through a number of streams from the 70s and 80s. Over 200 street artists are represented at the show, which now sparkles inside The Magic Box.

626 golden streets: Just a short jaunt south of Pasadena, and east? A full and super festive celebration on the open streets to bike (and leave your car behind) will take place, going from “mission to mission” on Sunday May 1st. One of these assignments? It’s Mission San Gabriel, an end point to the fun community event. The other assignment? It’s Mission Street in South Pasadena. Between the two? Look for tunes, places to buy food, dance presentations, and all the great things that make the San Gabriel Valley so spectacular. Registration is free and starts early, at 9 am. consider taking the L (Gold) line to South Pas to start.

Very Special Arts Festival Community Day: A free festival “perfect for kids of all skill levels and their families” will take place at the Music Center’s Jerry Moss Plaza on April 30. Masks are “highly recommended” at this sunny event, and several great troupes will be performing, including Ballet Folclorico do Brasil, Kizuna Taiko Group, Pas d’ASL Dance Company and Straight Up Abilities; oh yes, and there will also be magic from Allen Oshiro. Eager to participate in events from morning to early afternoon? RSVP in advance. Admission, as mentioned, is free, while parking is $9.

Pasadena Plume: It’s a culturally cool weekend in the culturally cool Crown City, with LitFest Pasadena opening for a multi-day race on April 30. and in Altadena, too. And on April 29? The one-night-only ArtNight Pasadena will appear in galleries, museums and public spaces, featuring free exhibits, music, theatrical events and more. City Hall is one of the locations, as is The Gamble House. And, oh yes: there is also a virtual dimension. For all the fun spots/shows, click.

Halfway to Halloween: The last, spooky day of October is a big holiday for many revelers, but it’s not the only time of year when Halloween lovers stop by to pay homage to the ultimate eek-a- study of the occasion. April 30 and May Day have become known as the “halfway point” of the ghostly celebration, falling, as they do, about six months before (and, yes, after) Halloween. Downtown Disney District has a few special treats throughout the weekend, the Spooky Swap Meet haunts Heritage Square, and even the Irvine Park Railroad is in the fall, with an April 30 session on growing giant pumpkins.

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