Staten Island Bus Ads Sparks Conversation – NBC New York

An eye-catching bus shelter ad, which caught the eye of some New York commuters, may have garnered too much attention – enough to be pulled from circulation.

Big, bright pink, and for some, a little too much. The ad reads, “Your vagina called, it wants this.”

“It wasn’t the ad itself that upset me. What is upsetting is that this ad was stretched 10 feet high for the public to see,” MP Michael said. Tannousis, who represents parts of Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Tannousis said he was contacted this week by a local mother who raised concerns about the ad posted at a Staten Island bus shelter.

If you missed the now controversial sign, you’re unlikely to see it on the streets after it was removed from city stops. But the post lasted long enough to spark a lot of conversations.

Rebecca Rosentreter said she took a photo of the shelter’s announcement after dropping by earlier in the week.

“Me and my boyfriend, we just saw this the other day. I was actually just saying ‘this is so aggressive,'” she said.

So where is he now? The announcement came this week after the MP got involved.

“My contact has been with the NYC DOT because in my opinion they are the ones responsible for the advertisements that come into bus stops,” Tannousis told News 4. “I believe the placement of the signs and the way they were published is what I find so inappropriate about them.”

Attempts to reach the company or advertisers on Friday were unsuccessful.

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