Starburst lollipops disappear as Mars Wrigley says brand has been discontinued in Australia

A confectionery brand has been forced to react after lollipop lovers spotted their favorite treat mysteriously missing from shelves.

TikToker @nariman.dein took to the social media platform to ask if a conspiracy was underfoot, revealing that she was looking everywhere for Starburst lollipops without success.

“Can someone tell me where these lollipops went,” she asked her followers.

“I’ve looked all over Sydney – Big W, Coles – those lollipops don’t exist.”

She said the Starburst lollipops were the best and asked if anyone else remembered the treats.

“Is there a conspiracy theory – did they just stop selling them and nobody noticed?” she asked.

Many TikToker followers echoed the claims, saying they couldn’t find them either.

“I miss lollipops the most,” one person said.

Another added: ‘I love these lollipops but they stopped selling them – like what, why?

A third added: “Starburst just disappeared, I was looking for them too.”

Someone else said, “No lollipop compares to Starburst.”

Others claimed there was limited stock at their local IGA, and another added that the range could not be found in New Zealand.

The Starburst line included chews, babies, snakes and lollipops.

A spokesperson for Mars Wrigley, which makes Starburst, has revealed the real reason the popular treats are so hard to find in Australia right now. And for fans, that’s not good news.

“We regularly review our Mars Wrigley product range to ensure we are providing our consumers with great tasting products that also offer great value for money,” the spokesperson told

“Our STARBURST® products are imported from Europe and, like many companies that import products from overseas, the brand has been exposed to supply chain challenges and increasing cost pressures over the past few years. last two years.

“After considering all options, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue the brand in Australia from June 2022.

“As a proud Australian manufacturer for over 60 years, we are taking this opportunity to prioritize and invest in the brands and products we manufacture locally in Australia, such as M&Ms, Maltesers, Skittles, Snickers, Extra and Eclipse. “

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