Stand-Up Burgers will open an outpost in Los Angeles in June

The team behind Grilled vegetables innovated in Culver City on its vegan burger concept, Standing burgersthat should open at the corner of Washington Blvd. and Sepulveda Blvd. Sunday, June 15.

Jhe sassy young vegan sister in the Grilled vegetables family restaurant, Stand-Up Burgers is a more forgiving version of the plant-based chain and will be the brand’s fourth location, along with others in Berkeley and Chicago.

While Veggie grill offers a more diverse menu with salads and bowls, the 100% Veggie Stand-Up aims to satisfy all burger cravings, including Tex Mex, BBQ, bacon, chili cheese as well as toddlers and hot dogs. The shakes are made with oat milk and come in traditional vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and mocha flavors as well as monthly specials like a chewy yellow CBD shake with pureed strawberries, whipped cream and vegan gummy bears.

Shakes and desserts (courtesy of Stand-Up Burgers)

Innovative in veganism, Veggie Grill opened its first location in 2006 in Irvine in Founder and President, TK Pillan. He sold his tech company in 2004, thinking about life and the planet and what to do next. Inspired by his mother, who was a dietitian and practitioner of Buddhist medicine, Pillan began exploring how to prevent disease through diet.

He became interested in a fundamental part of American culture, which was eating at iconic restaurant brands, and explored the idea of ​​a plant-based version. Meat analogues were becoming more and more advanced in replicating the satisfaction one could get from meat without cholesterol or animal fat and he discovered the negative effects of factory farming, ranging from what it does to the environment to the treatment of animals. Pillan discovered that meat alternatives prepared the right way could satisfy the same cravings without all the mess. So, with no restaurant experience, he opened Veggie Grill.

Standing burgers

Hot Dog Trio (courtesy Stand-Up Burgers)

“It’s amazing how far veganism has come in terms of availability and acceptance,” Pillan said. The weekly. “I wasn’t a restaurateur, but I had this underlying belief that once people learned about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, they would really embrace it, and luckily that’s happened. I became really passionate about bringing this concept to life. After the pandemic, people take a step back and look at their health and the health of the planet, especially the younger generation. They are trying to understand what they can do to make a difference and what we eat is a big part of that It matters what industrial agriculture contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming, land use and water. Today, we have 30 Veggie Grills and three Stand-Up Burgers. We will open five Stand-Up Burgers this year in Los Angeles and New York and start looking for franchise partners. The world does not wasn’t ready for plant-based burgers in 2006, but he is ready now.

Standing burgers

The mural that will be painted outside the building by local artist Samuel Hagai (Courtesy of Stand-Up Burgers)

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