SNK confirms that Shermie does indeed wear underwear in his concept art for The King of Fighters 15

But aren’t they panties?

Many fans were thrilled with Shermie’s long-awaited return in The King of Fighters 15 for his gameplay and looks after being in the grave for 2 decades.

Her new makeover also went well, however, the visible crack in Shermie’s butt caused some discussion on the subject of sexualization, but now we have confirmation that she is at least wearing underwear while flipping the ‘screen.

SNK recently shared concept art for the grappler’s new age makeover that breaks down her costume piece by piece, including what’s under her little black dress.

Interestingly though, the Japanese text included with the art indicates that Shermie’s underwear isn’t actually panties, but rather black swimsuit bottoms – so I guess she’s still ready to go to the pool.

While this is obviously a small detail, it’s kind of fun to know that concept and character artists have to sketch out things like underwear and such that players would never normally see.

A reveal like this has us wondering now too, is Iori a boxer or a brief type?

Shermie Concept Art image #1

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