Shows must continue despite regular cancellations

“If we can move the opening night, you will be notified immediately,” an email sent to guests.

Virus outbreaks have forced the musicals Hamilton, come from afar and Six to cancel shows since just before Christmas but they have all returned.

Opera Australia had performances from Great opera hits late last year and a New Year’s Eve performance of La Boheme.

At Sydney Festival, the show Qween Lear was canceled late last month due to a COVID-19 outbreak. Two other shows have since been hit, but have continued, either by postponing the first performance (in the case of girl from the north) or bringing in another crew member.

According to Belvoir St Theater director Sue Donnelly, the past few months have been like playing a game of Russian roulette.

She is grateful that the theater stuck to mandating masks and QR code check-ins after Prime Minister Dominic Perrottet relaxed the restriction in early December. So far, the theater has avoided canceling shows, and hopes to continue that trend through an abundance of caution, “we got a lot of baloney because we were so strict at the time, but I think on the last breakout shows we were right to be careful.” be,” she said.

The Belvoir St Theater’s 2022 season ticket sales have been significantly slower than usual.

Donnelly said the Belvoir St Theater stands by its decision to offer all cardholders credits if they are concerned about contact with the virus during a play: “we have to respect their wishes, people have different security thresholds, and we have to respect that” .

Donnelly hopes the theater will be able to prevent a single performance of Black Brass which can be seen in the theater until the end of January.

“The company works so hard and it’s sad to see empty seats… we just have to keep going because performing live is so important to mental health and the community,” she said.

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