Shocking video of a Sydney train near miss has emerged

A heroic female commuter has been praised for jumping in the way of an incoming train in a desperate bid to save the life of an elderly man who fell on the tracks.

A hero commuter has been praised for risking his life to save an elderly man who fell off a train platform onto the tracks as a train came hurtling into the station.

The pair managed to avoid any serious injury at Sydney’s Redfern station thanks to the brave woman’s actions and alert station staff who were just able to alert the train driver in time.

Dramatic footage of the rescue was shared on social media by a stunned onlooker.

Two women bravely jumped off the platform and onto the tracks to help the elderly man who had fallen down and hit his head.

Other commuters watched along in horror as the women struggled to lift the man who appeared unconscious. A few other people later leap down to try and pull the man to safety.

Meanwhile, staff desperately attempted to wave down the incoming train.

As the train sped through a blind corner into the station it slammed on the brakes and stopped just centimeters short of one woman and the elderly man – who both remained on the tracks.

The commuters and train station staff were quickly praised after the video was published online.

“Those people who helped were really brave, good on them! That would be a terrifying situation, I can’t imagine,” one man wrote.

“I’m no expert on their safety procedures but I imagine a waving red flag means to stop immediately. Looks like a blind corner so that extra warning likely saved multiple lives,” another said.

Others online were critical of the people for putting themselves in danger by getting on the train tracks.

“If that train didn’t stop in time and everyone on the platform was down there trying to help and got run over, you would all be whinging about what idiots they were,” one person said.

“The first rule of lifesaving is to look after yourself first. There are two people already assisting, risking more lives is not a smart thing to do,” another wrote.

“There are plenty of other onlookers doing nothing and it seems the person on the tracks may have a few issues other than just being on the tracks.”


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