Seven Times Boris Johnson Denied No. 10 Violated Covid Rules | Coronavirus

Labor has repeatedly accused Boris Johnson of deception or embezzlement in the House of Commons and in interviews during questions about lockdown breaches in Downing Street. These are the times when Johnson denied breaking the rules.

After The Mirror’s first story broke about Christmas parties in Downing Street:

“What I can tell the right esteemed and learned gentleman is that all guidance was fully followed in No. 10.”

Asked why he wouldn’t explain his account of the charges, johnson said:

“Because I’ve told you and what I want to repeat … that the guidance is there and I’m very keen for people to understand this.”

When asked about Downing Street parties in December, the prime number minister said:

“All guidelines were followed.”

After the Allegra Stratton video was released by ITV News:

“My apologies for the impression given that Downing Street staff are taking this less than seriously. I myself am sick and furious about this, but I repeat what I said to him: I have been repeatedly assured that the rules have not been broken. I reiterate that since these allegations came up, I have been repeatedly assured that there was no party and no Covid rules had been broken.”

Asked why he didn’t extend investigation No. 10:

“…all the evidence I can see, people in this building have followed the rules…if they don’t…and people want to bring accusations to my attention or to the police…sanctions…”

Johnson gives a press conference in Downing Street

December 13 – Sky News

Asked again about partying in Downing Street:

“I can tell you again that I certainly didn’t break any rules…anything under investigation.”

After the Guardian reveals photos of people, including the Prime Minister, at No 10 drinks in the garden on May 15, 2020

“Those were people at work, talking about work. I’ve said what I have to say about that.”

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