RSAA Encloses Chamber Church with Layered Silhouettes in China

a religious space by RSAA

international company RSAA has completed the ‘room’ church‘ in China, realized as a series of layered silhouettes. his white body stands pure against the surrounding greenery, while his facade ascends to heaven what results in a sense of divinity. the final design takes shape as a symmetrical volume — penetrated from arcs — that gradually increase, achieving a monumental composition. together with the axial expansion, the sacred light emitted by the church arouses the curiosity of passers-by and invites them to a ritual experience. RSAA Encloses Chamber Church with Illuminated Layered Silhouettes in China all images by puri lighting design

a sense of calm

RSAA’s design team (see more here) strove for a fusion between art and architecture, in dialogue with the sacred. trying to form a monumentality, the entrance – marked by the change in height – presents itself as an assembly of scaled portals, take on an introverted character and give the sense of depth. the entrance is accessible via a water board ladder and leads to a wooden gate. once they enter the church, visitors are confronted with a flowing, borderless room that reveals a visual juxtaposition with the sharp geometric external contour. a uterine room, envelops the worshipers and shelters them in an embracing form.

to further emphasize the connection between the individual, sacred space and nature, an arched opening at the end of the room diverts their gaze to the distant landscape. if the observer walks into the auditorium, otherwise light effects are revealed. lamps are placed between the divided panels, giving the whole church a unique glow. warm yellow describes the entrance and spire, to add a welcoming feel. and also makes the light of the whole structure richer and more layered. at the same time, as the spire of the church possesses the brightest brilliance, it becomes a metaphor for determining the direction of architecture to divinity.

RSAA Encloses Chamber Church with Illuminated Layered Silhouettes in China
a sacred place for new couples

the sculptural parts of the project are informed by this natural context – hidden in the zangma mountain – with the surfaces sweeping and lifting. a artificial pond shows the reflection of the church, and the arc-shaped layers are transformed into perfect ovals. meanwhile, the gaps between the layers show the presence of the people in the church, blurring the boundaries between inside and outside. the whole scene becomes a holy place for new couples and attending wedding ceremonies.

RSAA Encloses Chamber Church with Illuminated Layered Silhouettes in China

a sacred space for people who hold the ceremony

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