RL Stine knows some creepy books are bad

RL Stine looks back at the original Goosebumps series for its 30th anniversary, and he tells fans which titles are the ones he can’t stand.

Legendary Goose bumps author RL Stine talks about his least favorite of all time Goose bumps securities.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Stine discussed his iconic series to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Asked which books he looks at with the most and least affection, Stine replied, “There are some bad ones. Not all of them can be great. I looked Go eat some worms! recently and I was like, ‘This is a horrible book.’ It’s just not good at all.”

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Robert Lawrence Stine’s career began in the late 80s with the release of street of fear series of horror novels for young adults. While the series went on to garner its own adaptation thanks to the success of Netflix street of fear trilogy of films, Stine’s career has been primarily defined by Goose bumps. This latest series debuted in 2002 with a slightly younger target audience, quickly exploding in popularity and spawning hundreds of titles across several iterations of the series.

Goose bumps has also been adapted into various video games, television series, and a feature film duo starring Jack Black. It was reported in February 2022 that a new live-action show based on the eponymous novels had been greenlit for Disney+. Sony Pictures Television Studios is set to produce, with Nick Stoller and Rob Letterman serving as executive producers and writers. Letterman will also direct the first episode, which will introduce audiences to his cast of teenagers who find themselves embroiled in a supernatural mystery that spans decades.

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Stine also opened up about his favorite entries in the original series, saying, “I think my best Halloween story is The haunted mask. It was the first TV show we did.” Stine explained that the title is “the only Goose bumps book inspired by something from real life.”

The author continued, “When my son, Matt, was a toddler, it was Halloween time and he was trying on a green rubber Frankenstein mask in the living room. I watch him from the doorway and he pulls the mask down. his face and he couldn’t take it off. I look at him – he shoots and shoots. I thought: “What a great idea for a story!” I should have helped him, right? (Laughs.) I started taking notes.”

the original Goose bumps adaptation for the small screen created with The haunted mask in 1995. Protocol Entertainment and Scholastic Productions produced the series for four seasons, until its cancellation in 1998. The next Goose bumps The Netflix series currently has no release date.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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