Return of alcohol-to-go in NY scares advocates against drunk driving

Alcohol-to-go is returning to New York, but not everyone is welcoming its comeback.

Restaurants are mostly all for the pandemic-era law that allowed people to take drinks out as long as they order what’s described as “substantial food.”

Critics, however, say adding alcohol-to-go to the state budget is a danger.

Those who have lost loved ones to drunk driving accidents are worried people will take advantage of the rule.

“I understand with the law, it has to be sealed and everything else,” says Marge Lee, of Dedicatedd, a program committed to helping victims of drunk driving accidents. “But when I get into my car, what stops me from opening it? And now I’m drinking it as I’m driving. Where if it wasn’t to-go, I wouldn’t do that.”

The New York state budget still has to be officially approved by the state legislature and signed by Gov. Kathy Hochul

If that happens, to-go drinks will once again be allowed.

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