Researchers say running could help our knee cartilage as we age

Adam Cohen and Dr. Rod McEver

Adam’s Diary

I can’t tell you how many times someone has said a variation of the following statement to me: “Running will hurt your knees.”

But I’ve been a (fairly) dedicated runner for 35 years and, knock on wood, other than a few minor speed bumps over the years, my knees seem to be fine. Am I just lucky?

Dr. McEver prescribes

Running, of course, isn’t for everyone. And I write this as someone who used to run marathons and now prefers to walk.

While running, with its constant pounding, seems to destroy knee cartilage, a study conducted by Stanford University suggests otherwise. Led by Dr. Eliza Chakravarty, who later joined the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation as a rheumatologist, scientists conducted an 18-year study comparing levels of knee osteoarthritis in a group of nearly 100 runners and non-runners. runners with an average age of 58 at the start of the study.

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