Queensland’s latest wave of COVID has passed, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says

Queensland has passed the peak of the third wave of COVID and is expected to end in the coming weeks, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has said.

Ms Palaszczuk made the announcement at the Ekka today as the number of hospitalizations has been steadily declining since last month.

“We actually peaked around July 25…that’s great news,” she said.

Chief Health Officer John Gerrard said the news came much sooner than national modeling predicted.

“We believe this fantastic result is due to Queenslanders responding to national advice. Namely getting heir reminders, staying home when sick, taking antiviral medication and wearing a mask in indoor settings. overcrowded,” he said.

Queenslanders are still urged to get vaccinated and wear a mask when indoors.

He said major indicators — including hospitalizations and active cases — had fallen 45% or more since July 26.

COVID wave “every three months”

Dr Gerrard said the wave was expected to end in the coming weeks, but another wave was expected in December.

“The virus is not going to go away. We are going to continue to have continuous transmission,” he said.

“The current pattern we’ve seen in Queensland and around the world is one wave every three months.

“We still think it is likely that there will be a new wave this year, but it is likely that over time these waves will become milder.

“Everyone now knows what to do.”

Currently, 667 people are hospitalized with the virus; against 1,123 at the height of the wave.

“There are still 26 patients in the intensive care unit,” Dr Gerrard said.

There were only 2,504 new cases today and there are 35,482 active cases.

That’s a 47% decrease from the July 26 high of 66,569.

Monkeypox vaccine coming soon

The first supplies of monkeypox vaccine will arrive in Queensland this week.

The vaccine will target very close contacts and high-risk cases.

“The number of doses will initially be low and this will increase in the weeks and months to come,” Dr. Gerrard said.

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