‘Pressed the Health Reset Button’

Gregory Gordet

Gregory Gordet

Gregory Gordet / Instagram

Gregory Gordet reviews the results of his health journey.

the top chef The 46-year-old star revealed that he lost 40 pounds in the latter half of 2021 after giving his body a “healthy reset.”

He participated in a side-by-side carousel of before and after, ending with one last photo after another while talking about his “epidemic weight journey” on Instagram on Tuesday.

“212# to 172# That was hard! 😩💪🏾✨,” Gourdet commented to the snap. “Between gyms closing down, running injury (I have a meniscus tear) and eating out alive at work, I’ve gained quite a bit of weight in 2020.”

Talking about his experience, he added that while he was “pressing the health reset button in July” when he was at his “highest weight ever,” he quickly discovered that previously successful methods like intermittent fasting and yoga weren’t working.

“I walked vigorously on the treadmill for several months until my therapist told me I could run again,” Gourdet said. “I went on keto for the first time and extended my fast to 20 to 24 hours a few days a week and finally started losing the extra weight. I spent hours diving deeper into the health benefits of fasting and the keto diet.”

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From his physical therapist to his personal trainer, Jordet thanked those who helped him throughout his journey.

Then “remind” his followers “that health is not measured by weight. Heavy or thin, always love yourself,” and encourage them to “live in whatever body you feel comfortable in and don’t compare yourself to people on the Internet. We all come in different shapes and sizes and we can all do different things to our bodies.” “.

Three-time semi-finalist James Beard Prize winner concluded the post with “a very long road to recovery,” noting that he wants to “be in good shape” for the opening of his wood-fired Haitian restaurant, scheduled to open in late spring.

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Gourdet starred in season 12 of Bravo top chef, to take second place in second place to the winner Mei Lin. He later appeared on the 17th season of the show featuring all of the former stars.

Since the show, he’s become the Director of Culinary Operations for Departure Restaurant in Portland, overseeing dining programs, menus, and events.

his cookbook, Everyone’s Table: Universal Recipes for Modern Health Released in May 2021.

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