Poutine Week returns to Vancouver February. 1-14, 2022

All hail Canada’s signature dish, that glorious combination of hot, salty, crispy French fries with melty, gooey curd cheese and rich, velvety gravy.

Arguably Canada’s most famous food creations, poutine is often what we eat to break up a feast, and now Vancouver is about to witness a two-week citywide celebration of the Quebec-born dish.

The glorious combination of hot, salty, crunchy French fries with melty, gooey cheese curds and rich, velvety gravy is what La Poutine Week is all about, and in 2022 the festival will double with an additional week of deliciousness to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

The premise is pretty simple: eat poutine during La Poutine Week and go online and vote for your favorites.

This event in honor of Canada’s unofficial national drunken food takes place during the first week of February each year and features poutine dishes presented by restaurants and bars across the country. This year, the La Poutine week lasts for seven more days, from February 1 to 14 – like a good cheese pull.

While the event is wildly popular in its native Quebec, the celebration has steadily expanded across the country over the years with a few Metro Vancouver and BC restaurants signing up to join the friendly — and flavorful — League.

Last year, during La Poutine Week, poutine aficionados could choose from 17 different poutines from nearly 30 participating restaurant locations in Metro Vancouver. That roster included poutine dishes made with toddlers, or topped with things like butter chicken or cured duck. Whether loaded with shrimp or bacon or cooked like a donairing, there are always plenty of indulgent and creative interpretations of the classic Canadian comfort dish.

We can expect to see which local restaurants will be participating in La Poutine Week in the coming weeks as the big week approaches. Stay tuned!

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