Police reform activists question Huntsville Police Department’s mental health policy after cop allegedly killed girlfriend

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — The Alabama State Bureau of Investigation arrested a Huntsville police officer on Friday, Jan. 7, and charged him with murder to the death. even after they are adopted.

Huntsville police officer David McCoy allegedly shot and killed his pregnant girlfriend in the apartment complex where he lived.

McCoy is now on administrative leave, but the City of Huntsville has not made it clear whether the leave is paid or unpaid.

“There is an inherent ethical and I would even say moral obligation for law enforcement agencies to be as candid as possible with the public about the types of incidents,” activist David Person told News 19.

It is reported that McCoy called and told the emergency room that the victim Courtney Spraggins had committed suicide. However, police later accused McCoy of shooting Spraggins in the head while she was in a parked car.

“This should be another real wake-up call for the mayor, the chief of police and all other decision-makers that there needs to be a change in the culture of the police,” Person said. “And that has not only to do with their involvement with people who are in crisis and who are civilians, but also with the behavior of their own officers.”

Police reform activists in the city of Huntsville question how McCoy’s personal problems went unnoticed and unchecked by department leaders. How could McCoy carry a gun and wear the badge to protect and serve?

“There has to be some sort of control process. You know, I’m not saying it should be ridiculously invasive,” Person said. “But there should be some sort of process that allows the department to monitor the emotional well-being and psychological well-being of officers.”

Person says fostering a good police culture means providing support to officers, checks and balances.

“Not just because of the impact it will have on us as they deal with those of us who are citizens of the community, but for their own health and well-being and for and for the health and well-being of their families,” said Person. .

McCoy was assigned two court-appointed attorneys on Monday afternoon: Richard Jensen and Whitney Tillman.

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