Plan to turn Timperley’s Hare and Hounds pub into homes is withdrawn

A PLAN to turn Timperley’s Hare and Hounds into 68 care homes was withdrawn weeks before the Planning Inspectorate made its decision.

Churchill Retirement Living appealed for inspection on February 22 after Trafford council missed its own deadline to decide on the application.

The plan, which the council’s planning committee has since said it would have refused, was submitted for review by the Planning Inspectorate on May 24.

A spokesperson for Churchill Retirement Living confirmed the decision and explained that he hoped to present proposals acceptable to both them and the council.

They said: “Following further discussions with Trafford council, it has been decided that we will withdraw our appeal and seek to work proactively with council and attempt to narrow the points of disagreement to obtain acceptable planning consent. .

The hare and the dogs

“We still hope to regenerate the site so that it can become home to development for those over 60 who want to continue to live independently as they age, but with the security, support and social life that comes with life. living in a retirement community.

Built in the 1800s, the Hare and Hounds have served residents and others from a prominent position at the junction of Shaftesbury Avenue, Stockport Road and Wood Lane for almost 200 years. It remains open to customers today.

But Churchill’s plan is to turn the pub and its immediate surroundings into a combination of apartments and cottages for pensioners over 60.

Although Trafford council missed its own deadline, its planning committee met to discuss the bid on March 14.

Members were unanimous in their criticism of the plan and said the committee would have turned it down had it been allowed to do so.

Cllr Daniel Bunting offered the strongest criticism of the proposals and of Churchill.

Cllr Bunting said: “It’s an awful, third-rate design thrown together.

“And looking at the name of the candidate, it’s not surprising. It’s not the first time that Churchill has presented us with a terrible design.

“We’ve turned them down in the past and they seem to come out of nowhere with a better design, like they’re trying to see what they can do. It’s happened many times.

“It looks more like barracks accommodation than anything. It’s completely unsuitable.”

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