Ping the orange tabby was attacked by two dogs near Enderby and is recovering at the Shuswap BC SPCA – Salmon Arm News

Mauled cat recovering

Ping the cat is on the road to recovery after being mauled by a pair dogs near Enderby.

The BC SPCA is appealing to the public for assistance to help care for the orange tabby until she can be adopted out.

Ping was brought to the BC SPCA by a Good Samaritan who saw two dogs shaking something and tossing it in the air as he was driving down a rural road just outside Enderby.

When the man realized he was a cat, he stopped and got out of his truck. The dogs dropped the cat and fled.

The rescuer was able to catch Ping, who was covered in drool and blood, wrap her up in his leather jacket and bring her to the shelter.

“When Ping arrived she was very cold, wet and frightened,” said Victoria Olynik, manager of the Shuswap BC SPCA. “She was so frightened that when we unwrapped her from the leather jacket, she tried to run from us, but her back legs weren’t working, so we rushed her to the veterinarian.”

Ping had a number of puncture wounds, bruising and a fractured pelvis from the attack.

“Once Ping was back in our care, it took several days for us to learn just how sweet she was,” said Olynik. “She is shy and will flinch if you move too quickly around her, but she will roll over for belly rubs and chin scratches and loves to sleep in her bubble bed.”

While in care of the BC SPCA, Ping has received vaccinations, de-worming, pain control and antibiotic medication.

She will be checked to see how her fracture has healed and may require further treatment. When she is ready, she will be spayed and put up for adoption.

To donate to the care of Ping and other animals in care of the SPCS, click here.

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