[PHOTOS] ‘This Is Us’: Nicky’s Wife Revealed In Season 6 Flash-Forward

This post contains spoilers from Tuesday This is us. Proceed as follows.

This is us fans everywhere, may we officially introduce you to Ms. Nicky Pearson?

In a series at the end of Tuesday’s episode, the NBC drama jumped forward to a time it had previously visited: the night the family gathers to await Rebecca’s impending death. Although only moments of the hour were spent on the flash-forward, it answered an important question that was also asked in a different flash-forward at the end of Season 5: Who exactly is Nicky married to in the future?

A popular theory was that Nicky would marry Rebecca sometime between the current storyline and that sad future evening at Kevin’s house; this possibility stemmed from an earlier scene in the flash-forward where Nicky was clearly wearing a wedding ring, sitting at Rebecca’s bedside. But viewers of this week’s episode learned that Nicky’s madam is a flight attendant named Edie, whom he met while flying home from California after re-establishing contact with Sally. (Read a full recap and hear what the episode’s writer and director had to say about what lies ahead.) In fact, Edie was the person who drove to the house at the end of the previous flash-forward scene.

Now, here’s where it gets fun: In our ongoing quest to wring every clue from the breadcrumbs the show has dished out thus far, we’ve collected all the Rebecca-centric flash-forwards in the gallery on the right. This includes visuals, dialogue, clues and salient information from interviews with the show’s stars and producers. We’ve updated it every time the show airs additional flash-forward footage, and we’ll continue to do so until all your questions are answered.

So browse the gallery above – or go directly to it here – then click on the comments with the clues you’ve noticed, theories you’ve brewed, and anything else related to the future of the Pearson family!

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