People paid vulnerable Vancouver residents to get vaccinated

Vancouver Coastal Health says people paid vulnerable individuals to visit vaccine clinics to obtain a BC Vaccine Card.

According to Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH), people paid vulnerable individuals in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside to be vaccinated on their behalf using their information to obtain BC vaccine cards.

The regional health authority confirmed with: Vancouver is amazing Friday (Jan 14) that it is aware of cases of people fraudulently attempting to obtain BC vaccine cards by paying vulnerable individuals in the DTES to be vaccinated while falsely using their name and information.

“This behavior is deplorable and we are disappointed that someone would take advantage of vulnerable people in this way in an attempt to bypass the process of receiving a BC vaccine card,” VCH said in a statement.

VCH has taken steps to “thwart these efforts”, and to ensure that anyone seeking a COVID-19 vaccine is eligible and that their identification is confirmed.

The health authority also removes fraudulent vaccination records from the Provincial Vaccination Register and revokes the associated BC vaccine cards.

“Future cases of fraud can be forwarded to the local police for follow-up,” VCH added.

In December 2021, Health Minister Adrian stated that the province was investigating suspected vaccine records in the immune system registry system.

To receive a BC Vaccine Card or a Federal Certificate of Vaccination, you must have had a full course of a Health Canada approved vaccine (ie, both doses of a two-dose series or one dose of Janssen).

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