Pendleton regeneration advances again

Pendleton’s regeneration has taken another step

On Monday August 8, recommendations for the next phases of development were discussed and agreed at the Salford City Council Property and Regeneration meeting.

The agreement means that the council and Pendleton together can develop final proposals and costs which will be put into a final report which will be sent to a future meeting for full approval.

Initial proposals include 575 new family homes, 173 new affordable homes and a development plan for a supplementary care program. Supplementary care programs encourage independent living with 24-hour specialist care and support for those who need it and supplementary provisions are essential to meet the demand.

Pendleton’s regeneration began in 2013 when the council entered into a long-term partnership to provide £250m of development, including new homes, parks and public spaces.

The council cleared around 700 obsolete municipal properties to provide sites for future development.

A spokesperson for Salford City Council said: ‘It is great news that the regeneration of Pendleton is continuing and we are delighted to formally endorse the recommendations today.

“New family homes and affordable housing are desperately needed in this city, as we have approximately 6,000 households on our waiting lists for housing.

“Each phase of previous development in the area has exceeded the 30% affordable housing target and we are extremely proud of that.

“As regeneration continues, it creates jobs and opportunities that local people can benefit from. So what is an abandoned lot will soon be a new neighborhood with high-quality homes for residents to live in and enjoy.

At the same meeting, a decision was also taken to note the progress of proposals for a new leisure center in Pendleton.

Approvals include reporting strategy, in principle budget closure and the allocation of phase three funds from Pendleton and acceptance of a grant from Sport England.

A spokesperson continued: “We have been working on plans or a new leisure center in Pendleton since 2016. This is a very exciting time for the area and the local people.”

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