Patchwork coats with frayed fur add furry texture to Barbara Franc’s dog sculptures


#dogs #lost objects #sculpture #textiles

Left: “Scottish Deerhound” 66 x 80 x 20 centimeters. Right: “Le chien du mercier”, 55 x 78 x 24 centimeters All images © Barbara Franc, shared with permission

Alongside an eccentric metallic menagerie, artist Barbara Franc sews shaggy dogs with frayed fur and layered coats with matching patches of prints. The fabric creatures are part of Frank’s collection of animals constructed with recycled materials ranging from buttons and vintage tapestries to windshield wipers and cutlery. To create these soft sculptures, she wraps scraps of worn pants, curtains and scarves around a padded wire frame, defining a muscular hind leg with tweed or a belly with an embroidered fairytale scene. The ragged edges mimic a tousled tail and the bangs protruding from one ear, adding realistic texture to the canines.

If you’re near Towersey, Oxfordshire, in August, Franc offers a five-day workshop on making textile forms at the Phoenix Studio. The west London-based artist will also present pieces this week at the Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead Heath and in June at Westbury Arts. You can find more of his recycled characters on his site and Instagram.

Detail of “The Mercer’s Dog”, 55 x 78 x 24 centimeters

“The Mercer’s Dog”, 55 x 78 x 24 centimeters

“Between the Dog and the Wolf,” or “Twilight Hound,” 58 x 67 x 21 centimeters

“Shaggy Dog’s Tale”

Detail from “Shaggy Dog Tale”

“Between the Dog and the Wolf,” or “Twilight Hound,” 58 x 67 x 21 centimeters

#dogs #lost objects #sculpture #textiles

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