Painted with mesmerizing precision, countless dots cover stones in hypnotic patterns.

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#Elspeth McLean #painting #pattern #stones

August 8, 2022

Grace Ebert

All images © Elspeth McLean, shared with permission

Concentric circles in bold gradients, spiral lines and luminous radial patterns by Australian-Canadian artist Elspeth McLean transform the stones into endless hypnotic patterns. Impeccably arranged on the flat and round objects, the patterns are made up of countless individual dots of varying sizes and hues. Having moved away from the stippling technique she used in her earlier paintings, McLean refers to her style as “dotillism”, which is similar to pointillism in the forms it relies on, although the artist prefers to work with exact colors rather than overlapping them. produce an illusion of specific tones.

McLean’s stones are selling out fast, so keep an eye on her Instagram for shop updates.

#Elspeth McLean #painting #pattern #stones

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