Overcrowding at Something In The Water festival ‘well managed’

WASHINGTON (DC News Now) – The third day of Pharrell Williams’ Something In The Water festival, the event was expected to draw thousands of people throughout the weekend – but it also led to overcrowding. .

Saturday’s queue was packed with hundreds of people eagerly trying to get into the festival at each entrance. Overcrowding inside the event led to some people fainting and others simply trying to get away from the crowds. On Sunday, festival attendees said event staff handled the situation well.

A video making the rounds on social media shows people jumping over the barricade to escape the large crowd at Something In The Water festival.

“I was up like a sea of ​​people for about 30 minutes before Pharrell’s set,” guest Ike Marchie said.

“It was crowded, not enough legroom, not enough armroom,” said photographer Kris Anderson.

“We kind of expected it to be crowded, but not to this level. Yeah, it was a lot of pressure and stuff like that,” guests Jasmine and Dwayne said.

As some festival guests fainted, Pharell Williams decided to put the concert on hold. Anderson says he saw it firsthand.

“When they passed out, Pharell said cut the music. It was like I wanted to know what was going on. We need to make sure that person is okay. They picked him up off the floor, they put him on the barricade, the EMT examined him. And after Pharell gave a thumbs up, he continued the gig,” Anderson said.

He says health and safety officials have done a great job.

“I will say the staff at the event have made it their number one priority that people are taken care of in case people pass out, when you lock your knees in for too long you pass out. But they made sure we were safe,” Anderson said.

Despite the crowds that did not prevent people from enjoying the festival.

“Honestly, I’ve enjoyed it so far. It’s always nice to have a good number of artists that you rock with and can go see in person,” Marchie said.

“It’s a lot of culture, a lot of vendors inside, a lot of food, drink. All in all, it’s good stuff,” Anderson said.

Many DC residents were excited to see something new happen in the nation’s capital.

“We don’t usually have music festivals here, so when it was finally in DC, we felt like we had to go,” couple Jasmine and Dwayne said.

DC News Now has reached out to police for their views, but we have yet to hear back.

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