Our editors’ favorite modern design trends for 2022

2022 is officially here, and while we’ll still be dating docs to 2021 for the next few weeks (or months), a new class of modern design trends has arrived to remind us that time is actually moving forward and we’re not stuck in a loop of 2020, even if it sometimes feels that way. From jewel tones and check print to natural textures and craft, there’s no shortage of design trends to play with this year – but if you’re not sure where to start, the Design Milk editors share their top design trends for 2022 along with modern decor choices to experiment with at home!

biophilic design trends

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“With all the time we’ve spent indoors in recent years, it’s no surprise that biophilic design – a design concept that aims to bring nature indoors – is trending in 2022. While biophilic design has been commonplace in architecture for years, we’ll see more home furnishings and decor items sprouting this year (no pun intended) around the concept, meaning everyone can experience Mother Nature’s restorative benefits at home. Experiment with indirect natural elements by incorporating natural shapes, materials and textures into your space, or bring the greenery inside with planters and vases. This one self watering planter by means of Green Unlimited allows you to do just that with minimal fuss – the water reservoir keeps plants hydrated for weeks at their own pace – and it has a modern aesthetic to suit any interior style”
– Alexa Morales // Trade Editor


modern maximalist design trend for 2022

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“Minimalism always seems to be a trend, but lately maximalism is rising to the top. Maybe it’s because during this never-ending pandemic we’re all stuck in our homes and we’re craving something more – bold colors, repeating patterns, geometric shapes, etc. – anything to make our eyes dance around and be happy when we stay inside and stare at the same four walls. This one Optical Movement Throw Blanket by DittoHouse is the perfect example with its juxtaposed diagonal lines in four colors creating an optical illusion. It would be a bright, bold and super fun addition to any sofa!”
– Caroline Williamson // Editorial Director


oversized everything design trend for 2022

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“Oversized everything has been gaining momentum lately and I couldn’t love the trend more! After the years we’ve been through, and now that we’re in the middle of winter, it all feels very comforting and lighthearted. Two things which I think most of us wouldn’t mind having a little more in our lives.Aside from what may seem like the obvious choices of overstuffed and overdone furniture, there are also some other subtle ways to keep the trend in your Some ideas that come to mind are Cloudnola’s screw hook set and Bendos CLIP Wall Hook – both ideal for keeping winter coats off the floor and keeping general clutter in order while making a solid visual statement. I also have to mention a personal favorite: Poketos Spectrum Wall Planner. I am someone who writes everything down and has to look ahead for weeks at a time, and the simple graphic design of this large calendar has a big, useful impact.”
– Kelly Beal // Senior Editor


wavy curved design 2022 design trends

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“The wavy + curved trend is really having a moment right now and seems to be going nowhere. Curved doorways, chairs with curved backs, winding candlesticks, round benches, concrete tiles with undulating designs, curved headboards for beds – there is no shortage of waves and curves in the design world! Personally, I love this trend and hope to see several iterations of it in the new year. Maybe a curved dog door or some sort of wavy sofa? If you’re up for this trend, you can go big with a homemade arched doorway (it’s possible, I’ve seen it on @dwellaware!) or make a decorative statement with the warm wave on the Blish Rug by means of Carret design
– Vy Yang // Lifestyle Editor


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color blocking 2022 design trend

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“The art of color blocking – combining bold, solid tones for a graphic and modern design aesthetic – will thrive this year, and luckily for design aficionados everywhere, the limitless color spectrum offers countless opportunities to play with the trend. Small accessories like this one bathroom shower curtain, accent pieces like this one Heymat back, or a work of art like this Tom Pigeon Print, are all great ways to get started. My personal favorite? Jillian Rene Decor’s Monochromatic Color Block Pillowcases. I love the minimal design of these cases, and the range of eye-catching color options guarantees there’s a shade for you. Plus, pillowcases give you the freedom to easily try the trend in different parts of your home — flip the same pillow from your bed to your couch and to an accent chair when the mood strikes!
– Alexa Morales // Trade Editor


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Alexa is a commercial editor at Design Milk. She lives in Miami, Florida with her fiancé Alex and retired greyhound Phoebe. Alexa has been a lover of art and design for years, and Alexa’s first stops in a new city are the art museums. When she’s not writing about her favorite DM shopping picks, she may be buried in a book, watching reality TV, or going on an adventure in her town with her partner and pup.

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