Ottawa Police Report Increase in Complaints in First Three Months of 2022

The Ottawa Police Services Board will hear most of the complaints following the illegal occupation of a truck convoy in February.

Complaints to the Ottawa Police Service jumped in the first quarter of 2022, but that spike was largely due to a nearly month-long truck convoy occupation in February.

The Ottawa Police Services Board will learn at its meeting on Monday, April 25 that the Ottawa Police Service received 327 complaints from the public, compared to 77 complaints received by the police at the same time last year.

Combined with internal complaints, this number jumps to 329, a 139% increase in the total number of complaints compared to the first quarter of last year.

However, approximately 84% of complaints made by the public in 2022 so far (or 275 complaints) were characterized as issues related to “police conduct” during the convoy, although the Office of the Independent Director of the Police Review (OIPRD) – which oversees complaints from the public related to police matters – said it had eliminated 95% of such complaints.

The total number of complaints about officer conduct received in the first quarter of 2022 was 346, compared to 160 in the first quarter of 2021, or 116%.

This data includes conduct complaints related to illegal protest, prior to OIPRD review.

Police not doing enough to deal with the occupation and police doing too much were among the many complaints the OIPRD dismissed.

the OIPRD also completed 288 investigations, of which 253 — or approximately 88% — were found to be “frivolous, vexatious, more than six months after the facts on which an event was alleged to have occurred, implicated a third party without the complainant has been affected, or deemed not to be in the public interest.

However, three complaints resulted in informal disciplinary action, none of which resulted in a disciplinary hearing.

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