Ottawa Hospital Increases Peak Plans to Address Capacity and Staff Pressure

Ottawa Hospital is executing its next phase of peak plans to cope with increasing patient capacity and staffing pressures from COVID-19.

“The hospital is prepared and well-positioned to respond to the increasing needs of our patients. However, as capacity and staffing pressures continue to increase, TOH must implement the next phase of the span plans,” said the Ottawa Hospital.

Ottawa’s largest hospital announced late Friday that the next phase of its bed increase plans will include increasing bed capacity, reallocating staff to be released from phasing out non-emergency services, and adapting of personnel models.

“In some cases, this could mean that patients receive care in unconventional spaces. These spaces are modified to ensure patient safety, comfort and experience are all maintained,” said the Ottawa Hospital.

In accordance with new provincial guidelines, Ottawa Hospital is also delaying non-emergency surgeries, procedures and outpatient care activities so that staff can instruct staff to provide urgent and emergency care.

“It is a difficult task to make these decisions and inform patients that their surgery or procedure has been postponed,” the Ottawa Hospital said.

“Healthcare teams are currently determining which surgeries, procedures and outpatient care activities will be postponed on a case-by-case basis, based on factors such as urgency and the health situation of each patient. Patients whose care is affected will be contacted in the coming days and weeks.”

On Thursday, the Ottawa Hospital General Campus had a capacity of 103 percent, while the Civic Campus had an occupancy rate of 94 percent.

There are 167 patients on the two campuses who require a different level of care.

Ottawa Public Health on Friday reported 43 patients at hospitals in the Ottawa region with active COVID-19 infections.

Hospitals in Ottawa have faced staff shortages over the past two weeks due to COVID-19 infections.

Earlier this week, Ottawa Hospital said more than 100 Ottawa Hospital employees are out of work.


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