ORDER OF OTTAWA: Jeff Hunt Receives City Honors

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Jeff Hunt will travel to Madrid on Friday after receiving a pat on the back from Ottawa.

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Hunt, president and strategic partner of Atletico Ottawa, received the Order of Ottawa on Thursday.

This honor recognizes outstanding residents who have made contributions to the city in the arts, culture, business, sports and entertainment.

“As soon as you hear about something like that, it’s incredibly humbling,” said Hunt, who has now left for Spain to speak to Atletico Madrid officials about the 2021 Canadian Premier League season at Ottawa. “There’s also a lot of pride, especially for someone who didn’t grow up in Ottawa.

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After moving here from Newfoundland to start a carpet cleaning business, Hunt bought the Ottawa 67s in 1998. He won a Memorial Cup the following year and served on the management team of OSEG who won a Gray Cup with the Redblacks in 2016 and owned the Ottawa Fury. When the Fury turned into Atletico Ottawa, Hunt focused his attention on the soccer game.

“The first decade I was here I kind of felt like a new guy, but now I’ve been here for 36 years,” Hunt said. “Of course, Ottawa has been my home and being recognized in the city is really special, that’s for sure. I really think it’s an acknowledgment of what 67 has meant to Ottawa.

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