OPP find stolen Jeep in shipping container after it was stolen from Scarborough driveway

A Jeep discovered by Ontario police in a shipping container has been traced to its owner after the vehicle was stolen over the weekend from a driveway.

It wasn’t the first attempt at stealing this 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee in Scarborough. “There are two separate incidents,” said the owner’s son, Andrew Ricketts.

In surveillance footage obtained by CTV News Toronto, the two incidents – just over two months apart – can be seen in full.

A ring camera set up in front of the garage, along with a motion detector, notified her parents that someone was in their driveway on May 8. When they checked the app, they saw two men. One of them was kneeling and muting the truck’s horn to silence the car door alarm.

To scare the two men, Ricketts said his parents set off the house alarm, which projects through a microphone outside the house. They immediately fled.

The second attempt was on Sunday. “They got a little smarter this time around,” Ricketts said.

Again two men arrived, but this time they came at 6am after the sun was up. This way the motion detectors in the house have been turned off as they are only active at night.

A man began to mute the car’s horn, which the owner had fixed since the last attempt. Meanwhile, the second man stood guard on the sidewalk, smoking a cigarette.

“They obviously have some sort of computer system to bypass the keyless car start,” Ricketts said. “And then they left.”

At around 8:30 a.m., as Ricketts’ father was leaving the house for breakfast, he discovered his car was missing. That day, they filed their second police report after the first a few weeks earlier.

A day later, Monday night, Ricketts saw a tweet from the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) that read, “Mississauga Ontario Provincial Police have notified him of possible vehicle thefts inside of an intermodal container. Truck stopped on Hwy 427/ Rexdale. Truck driver charged with possession of stolen goods x2. Stolen Range Rover and Jeep Cherokee recovery. Investigation in progress. »

Immediately, Ricketts identified his parents’ Jeep and soon after the police contacted them to say that their car had been discovered. The Ontario Provincial Police confirmed to CTV News Toronto that the Jeep did indeed belong to the Ricketts.

“It’s very scary,” Ricketts said. “It’s a complete violation.”

“You buy yourself a truck, park it in your driveway, and a thief comes along at night.”

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