Olivia Caldwell Foundation to offer free mental health resources for Wyoming families

CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – The Olivia Caldwell Foundation announced that they will begin offering two free mental health resources to Wyoming families. The Natrona Collective Health Trust provided the foundation with a grant that allows them to offer a free family support group as well as monthly pediatric mental health webinars.

“We as an organization just feel like mental health is such an important part of the overall health of the child and everyone in the family,” said Olivia Caldwell Foundation Founder & CEO Katie Caldwell-Burchett.

The support group will be facilitated by licensed therapist Dr. Amanda Dediego. Topics of the meetings will be decided by the group and their needs. There will be an option to attend the group virtually for those who cannot meet in person.

“She will use those groups to be able to help those parents navigate through anything that might come up for their children,” said Caldwell-Burchett.

The webinars will feature presentations on a variety of topics by different mental health professionals. The presentations can be watched live, or recorded versions will be available to watch after. During the presentations, there will be Q & A opportunities, those who cannot attend the live stream are invited to email their questions to the Olivia Caldwell Foundation.

“This is really just a nice addition to what we’ve already been able to do in support of families with complex medical needs and we’re excited to be able to help try to address this horrible pandemic that we have going on in mental health in our youth,” said Caldwell-Burchett.

The foundation is excited to offer these resources to address youth and family mental health. According to Caldwell-Burchett, anyone is welcome to participate in the groups, even if they have not worked with the foundation before.

“It’s really for anyone who may need it and all of these resources are completely free they are just here to be able to support families,” said Caldwell-Burchett.

The first webinar, “How A Medical Condition Can Affect Your Child’s Mental Health” will be led by Dr. Katharine Reynolds on Thursday, April 14. To register for the webinar, visit the Educational Webinars section on the Olivia Caldwell Foundation website.

For privacy reasons, the support group time and location will be shared with registered group members only, to register for the support group visit the Olivia Caldwell Foundation website. After registering, a consent form must be signed and returned to the Olivia Caldwell Foundation before they will send time and location details.

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