NSW government completes planning strategy for French forest

The NSW government has completed its Place Strategy for Frenchs Forest, with a focus on new homes, jobs, open public spaces and infrastructure at the heart of the plan.

The strategy, which came about after extensive community consultation, will involve a $6 million grant from the NSW government under the government’s Precinct Support Scheme to provide upgrades to three local parks in Frenchs forest.

“The plan will create 2,000 new jobs, as well as the infrastructure and services needed to support France’s growing forest community over the next 20 years,” said Anthony Roberts, NSW’s Minister for Planning and Housing.

“The strategy will ensure better public spaces and plans for a new town square, central square, new connections to bushland and tree-lined walking and cycling paths.

“The Ministry of Planning and the Environment has been working for a number of years on a positive outcome for this area. I am pleased that 2,000 new homes will be built, 250 of which will be right next to the hospital reserved for key workers.”

“The strategy is also designed to help people live greener lifestyles by providing incentives, leading to more comfortable homes while keeping energy and water bills low.”

Roberts says the community will reap the benefits of the new public spaces, which will increase community connection and encourage healthy lifestyles.

“The community will benefit from new local amenities, including a new community playground, mountain bike trail, half-court basketball facility, and regenerated natural areas for hiking and relaxing,” he says.

“Northern Beaches Council has been awarded a $9 million grant under the government’s Parks for People program to upgrade Nandi Reserve.”

Click here to read the definitive Frenchs Forest Place strategy.

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