Now Monica Lewinsky Wants an Edit of Beyoncé’s ‘Sheet Music’ Song

When Beyonce announced she would drop the word “spaz,” considered by some to be an ableist slur, from her song “Heated,” Monica Lewinsky saw an opportunity to make her own request for a lyrical adjustment. “Uhmm, while we’re at it… #Sheet music,” Lewinsky tweeted, referencing Beyonce’s 2013 song in which she uses Lewinsky’s name to mean ejaculation. Like New York Daily News reported, the lyrics read, “He Monica Lewinski had it all over my dress.” Lewinsky, who faced public humiliation for her relationship with Bill Clinton and has since become an anti-bullying advocate, has previously written about the song, noting in a 2014 vanity lounge article that Queen Bey should have said that he “Bill Clinton put it all on my dress”. On Tuesday, Lewinsky clarified that she never officially contacted Beyonce about the lyrics and was only joking about the proposed change.

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