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The Notre Dame Blue-Gold Game may be more an exercise in fan service than it is football, but the fact remains: the Irish will not be seen on the pitch again until September 3, so this Broadcast practice is the last chance to scratch that grill itch for 133 days.

This fan service is his whole purpose, really. One could easily argue that a traditional practice would be more constructive for player development, but hosting the spring finals brings alumni to campus for probably the only time in the spring semester. In that case, those not in South Bend – where it will be a balmy 77 degrees at kickoff – will be able to enjoy new information on new head coach Marcus Freeman via his active mic on the show, available exclusively on Peacock.

Again, fan service.

Of course, the game atmosphere served as a carrot for the players through winter training and 14 spring training sessions. The spotlight award was deserved.

Sticking to Freeman’s edict that everything must be competitive, an award will likely go to the winning team, whether it’s defensive line coach Al Washington’s blue team or running backs coach Deland McCullough’s golden team.

WEATHER: 1:00 a.m. ET, and with that a practice in the eyes of the NCAA, Notre Dame cannot work more than two hours. Expect the broadcast to end at or shortly after 3:00 a.m. ET.

TV: Peacock, NBC’s streaming service. The show will air live exclusively on Peacock and is expected to be available on demand thereafter. Notre Dame fans should be familiar with Peacock by now, after last year’s Blue-Gold game aired on the free version of the app and the Toledo game in September was also on Peacock, but no longer for free. To quote directly from last year’s Blue-Gold game preview…

Peacock should be easy to install for anyone who hasn’t yet., and registration is even easier. However, you usually add a streaming app to your TV, just search for Peacock through those same mechanisms. Most browsers also support Peacock, if you prefer to use your computer. It’s a simple URL:”

More directly, Peacock has a direct landing page for all things Notre Dame football:

Watch Notre Dame Football Live | Peacock Premium (

PREVIEW: Sophomore quarterback Tyler Buchner, the alleged starter, rolled his ankle Tuesday night and will not play today. If the Irish played Ohio State this afternoon, Buchner would be on the field, but skipping the exhibition would protect him from further injury.

It will also put junior quarterback Drew Pyne in the spotlight as he paves the way for the blue and gold teams. Could Pyne be dazzling enough to cast doubt on Buchner’s status as a starter? Sure. Should one look with some credulity on incredible feats in an intra-squad scrimmage? Absolutely.

A Wednesday morning draft, with NFL Hall of Famer and current Notre Dame undergrad Jerome Bettis serving as commissioner, split the Irish into two teams.

For a full roster breakdown, head over to Inside ND Sports.

Or, scroll through the specially designed Notre Dame website to give you an overview of each player on both lists. Was a full-page design for the Blue-Gold Game necessary? You know what? Yes, yes it was.

PREVIEW: With offensive linemen wearing green today because some will meddle from both teams, according to Freeman, some confusion will persist in crediting a winner. Frankly, these linemen got the best deal this weekend. They win anyway.

It is difficult to predict that a team will win. The draft did its job of dividing the roster into two relatively even teams, and with Pyne playing for both teams, one quarterback’s bad day β€” a la Phil Jurkovec in 2019 β€” can’t doom a team.

But there is a group of positions that could not be divided well simply because it is too thin. The Irish have only five fellows in action at the moment. Sixth-year Avery Davis continues to recover from a torn ACL in November, and he’s joined on the sidelines by fifth-year Joe Wilkins with a Lisfranc fracture in his foot. That leaves only fifth-year Braden Lenzy and second Jayden Thomas on the gold team, along with three extras, and former extra Matt Salerno and second-timers Lorenzo Styles and Deion Colzie on the blue team, plus two extras.

Now project a workout designed to appeal to young players and set aside a moment to savor at Notre-Dame Stadium. Will Lenzy play all day? Probably not, and neither did his junior teammate Michael Mayer.

Who does that leave as Pyne’s best receiving option? Fashions. A big day on his part will create a summer of hype before he takes on his original team with a brother on the roster. Styles could possibly double or triple his touchdown in 2021, and if he does, some of the worry around Irish receivers will dissipate. And given that the Gold Team might only look to Lenzy to reasonably match Styles, that advantage may be enough to warrant a prediction.

Blue will beat gold. Let’s say between 7 and 10 points.

That should be pretty accurate for a melee, right?

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